Apple's iOS Leads Rival Mobile OS On Global Ad Impressions and Revenue

mobile-adsThe latest Opera Mediaworks’ Q2 State of Mobile Advertising report has revealed that Apple’s iPhone generates 36.4% of revenue compared to Android’s 27.8%, and overall iOS is the clear leader, with 43.8% of impressions served on Apple devices. However, Samsung’s dominance of the Android market (58.5%) makes it a strong contender.

Some other key findings of the report are:

  • Baseball season kickoff makes Sports the No. 1 revenue generator for the quarter. Though Sports is relatively small with only a 6.5% share of the revenue generated across all categories, this quarter publishers in this category (e.g. MLB, ESPN) received a disproportionate 22.2% of revenue from their mobile apps and sites. Music, Video & Media again received the highest volume of impressions at 22.4%.
  • 3 out of every 4 dollars of all mobile transactions occur in the United States. Just fewer than 50% of all ad requests are in the American mobile ad market, but it accounts for nearly 75% of revenue.
  • Cyclical variation in impression volume demonstrates seasonal trends in mobile content consumption. Based on data on the Opera Mediaworks platform from the past year, advertiser budgets may taper off in January, as the holiday retail season dissipates, but mobile use continues well into the month as users play with their new devices. Other observations include a mini-surge in August and a notable spring break season (March/April), with traffic comparable to the more commonly known pre-holiday jump in November.
  • Rich media, in-app campaigns outperform banner, mobile web. Brand advertisers shifting their mobile ad dollars to rich media creative campaigns running within applications are getting deeper return on their investment, with an average click-through rate of 1.53%. The data also revealed that while banner ads still comprise the majority of ad types, advertisers are starting to work more with new and effective types such as tap-to-expand and VAST interstitial (mobile video) units.

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