Profile Uploads On matrimonial Sites Increased to 1.27 million in May 2013 – IAMAI

ecommerceAccording to the latest Internet Economy Watch Report by IAMAI, the number of resume uploads has gone up from 2.82 million in May 2013 as compared to 1.36 million in May 2012, registering a YoY growth of 107 percent. According to the data, the number of profile uploads on matrimonial sites increased to 1.27 million in May 2013 when compared to 0.78 million in the corresponding month last year.

The report found a y-o-y growth of 15 percent in online booking of railway tickets when compared with the numbers of corresponding month last year. Railway tickets booked online in May 2013 were 7.15 million as compared to 6.22 million in May 2012. The online bookings of air tickets witnessed a marginal increase of 12% with 1.87 million bookings in May 2013 as compared to 1.67 million bookings in May 2012.

According to the data captured from major e-tailing sites in the monthly tracker, online visit to branded apparels and designer label segments have increased by 103 percent and 90 percent respectively, when compared to the numbers of corresponding month last year. A significant increase has been registered in the online users visit to mobile segment. The number of visits has increased to 11.38 million in May 2013 from 5.15 million in May 2012, 120 percent YoY growth. The online users visit to spa and restaurant segment increased from 1.02 million in May 2013 to 0.52 million in May 2013, a y-o-y increase of 96 percent.

The monthly tracker further indicates 39.43 million people accessed various e-tailing sites. There were 1405.59 million page views in the category. The user reach for job and matrimonial websites is 22.05 million and 19.43 million respectively with 1195.63 million and 590.62 million respective page views. Online travel segment has reach with 21.98 million reach and 1690.31 million page views.

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