Launches TGConnect, A New and Improved Extranet API

travelguruOnline hotel network has announced the launch of TGConnect, a new Extranet API for hotel partners and channel managers for exchanging hotel rates and inventory. The new API will facilitate automated electronic updates of bookings, rates and availability. The initiative can be a market game changer as becomes the first online travel website in India to introduce a free of charge technologically-advanced API for hotel partners, system providers, channel managers and other users.

The new API proposes many appealing advantages for users. One of the most important advantages includes automated updates of rates and inventory, which will eventually eliminate the need to manage Extranet manually. It aids users by providing a better control on products and services and enhancing product visibility by offering real-time updates. It also serves as a solitary management tool across multiple channels, making Yatra and much easier to work with. This application promises to impress hotel partners and marketers as it requires less labor work by providing a host of additional benefits to the users. Automatic updates of the daily activity on the application guarantees efficiency and perfection.

This interface of this API is OTA compliant and can easily be integrated into other OTA compliant applications. The API uses electronic messages to facilitate communication between disparate systems in the travel industry. The integration of this API standardizes the total control making the job of a channel manager much easier and effective.

Commenting on this, Mr. Mukesh Goel, the Technology Head of said, “TGConnect is a connectivity solution that offers hotels and channel managers the ability to design, build and deploy standardized interfaces to connect directly with Travelguru ensuring the most accurate pricing and inventory is available to the customer. The connectivity also enables hotels to provide last minute inventory for mobile channels.”

The first phase of integration of the new API will see 1000 hotels under different partners taking advantage of this extraordinary service. The interface is already live with Axis rooms, and will shortly be implemented by other major partners including Rate Tiger, Rate Gain, Maximojo Eazy Yield and Staah. is expecting to introduce a host of other features for the new API users to improve performance, enhance usability and hotel’s overall online presence.

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