Komli Media Integrates Facebook Exchange (FBX) Into Its Proprietary ATOM Platform

komliOn Tuesday, Komli Media announced that it has integrated Facebook’s RTB (Real-Time-bidding) platform – Facebook Exchange (FBX) into its proprietary ATOM platform, making it one of the first companies in the Asia Pacific region to have done so. This integration allows its performance advertising solution (Komli ROI) to reach one of the largest audiences on the web and further strengthens Komli’s position as one of the largest digital platforms in APAC. Komli’s FBX integration is in addition to its existing RTB partners including Google Adx, PubMatic and Rubicon among others, giving it access to over 2.5B daily impressions. These supply side integrations coupled with Komli’s own publisher base of thousands of websites, provide marketers with unparalleled reach across Komli’s key markets of India, Southeast Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Re-targeting allows marketers to reach users who have shown interest in their brand or product. Now for the first time Komli ROI, with FBX integration, allows marketers to run retargeting campaigns in a highly engaging and brand safe environment. The FBX integration also allows marketers the opportunity to leverage their own data about their users as well as Komli’s large audience segments (women, sport enthusiasts, etc) to reach specific audience groups to drive higher ROI.

Rahul Bhargava, Vice President & Head-Products, Komli Media said,”The FBX integration enhances our core strength in ‘performance’ advertising for display media. With Komli- FBX integration platform now multiplying opportunities through Facebook RTB inventory, we are confident that marketers will now see greater value with Komli’s retargeting and audience segmentation technology for their campaigns.”

“We are thrilled about the FBX integration into Komli’s ATOM platform as we aim to introduce better business opportunities through innovative technologies for marketers in India and APAC region as a whole. Komli has already started working with a select set of marketers across Auto, eCommerce and FMCG and we are seeing strong interest from them in our retargeting solution. This integration combined with our ability to offer transparent audience segmentation to marketers puts us at the leading edge of performance marketing in APAC”, said Prashant Mehta, CEO, Komli Media.


[Source: Business Wire India]


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