IT and Telecom minister, Kapil Sibal Launches e-governance App Store

egov-app-storeOn Friday, IT and Telecom minister, Kapil Sibal launched an e-governance application store, hosted by the DeitY and designed and developed by the NIC. This appstore will allow citizens to receive information in an efficient and a much-simplified manner.  Core and common applications that have high demand and are replicable across the central and state levels would be available on the e-Gov Appstore, which shall be hosted on the National Cloud.

The appstore will start with 20 apps, of which ‘roughly half’ will be directly accessible to the public (g2c). The number is expected to rise to 100 within three years. They are categorized into ‘runnable’ and ‘downloadable’ apps in which citizens can directly use all he runnable apps but maybe restricted in using the downloadable apps. The ‘government to government’ (g2g) apps can be open to the public if it is made runnable by the concerned department.

The criteria for the applications included a ‘citizen-centric focus’ with high transactional value in which private players are allowed to host. Broadly the downloading of apps is categorized into ‘freely-downloadable apps’, ‘downloadable with cost apps’ and ‘restricted apps’, which can only be used by the government and the judiciary.

Sharing of applications, search for applications, basic information about an application when selected, user feedback and rating of an application, downloading of an application after authentication of user and a ‘two level approval process’ for contributing applications are some of the features provided in the appstore site.

This e-Gov Appstore will be augmented to include applications and components developed by various departments and agencies at Centre and States and by private players; and a complete eco-system will be established (including mechanism for funding, charge back, contract management, SLAs) and will become a part of the GI Cloud initiative under Government of India.

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