SMG Convonix Launches ‘No-Touch Interactive Banner’ for Samsung Galaxy S4

starcomSMG Convonix, the digital marketing arm of the Starcom Mediavest Group has launched an innovative Augmented Reality Motion Control Interactive Banner, available for Yahoo! users on May 24th and May 29th. It was available for Youtube users on May 26th. This innovation in the digital space provides users an opportunity to experience and interact with two very innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S4- the “Smart Pause” and “Air Gesture”.

The ‘Samsung Smart Pause’ in the Galaxy S4 enables users to control the screen by where you look. When you are watching a video, the video pauses when you look away and resumes playing when you are back. ‘Air Gesture’ allows users to; for example, change the music track they are listening to with a wave of their hand. ‘Air View’ will preview photos and emails by hovering over the screen with your finger.

The technological capabilities of SMG Convonix have made it possible reproduce these features in a web browser and allows users to interact with content on the banner by way of gestures with a webcam within the comforts of their home or workspace in real-time. Users will now have an opportunity to experience these two unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, digitally, without having to either click on their screen or physically going to any retail store. This is a unique innovation in interactive banners implemented in India which uses the web-cam for real-time simulation of technology features and it’s a banner you can interact with without a click.

Commenting on this innovation, Rahul Saigal, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung India, stated, “At Samsung, we are committed to innovation. Even as our products like the Samsung Galaxy S4 exemplify this commitment, we are relying on digital innovation in the form of this Augmented Reality Motion Control Interactive Banner to bring alive the Galaxy S4 innovations for our consumers in the comfort of their workplace or home.”

According to Vishal Sampat, CEO, SMG Convonix, “The Samsung Galaxy S4 represents a paradigm shift in the way smartphones integrate with our lives and is truly a Life Companion. The challenge was to bring alive the features of this revolutionary smartphone to the consumer in a clutter-free environment and deliver the experience in a simple yet effective manner. Our constant focus on keeping alive the Human Experience aspect in our work and leveraging technology to deliver meaningful campaigns enabled us to do just that. We hope that this innovation will not just create awareness about the Samsung Galaxy S4 but also drive aspiration for the product and brand among the consumers.”


[Source: Business Wire India]

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