Online Consultation Portal Adds 3 more super-specialties – Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Endocrinology and Neuro-ophthalmology

doctorspringOnline Consultation Portal has announced that it has added 3 more super-specialties – Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Endocrinology and Neuro-ophthalmology. The portal now features over 120 approved Doctors from India, US, UK, Australia among other countries in 41 specialties, along with 600 plus Doctors who are in queue for approval.

DoctorSpring Medical Director, Dr. Deepu Sebin said,”Healthcare delivery is broken. We believe getting medical advice and opinions from certified Doctors should be easier. And Internet technology can bridge the wide gap between Doctors and patients. is our humble attempt to make healthcare delivery less complicated and to change how patients seek medical information and advice forever.” DoctorSpring was created to enable patients make the most informed health decisions by creating a frictionless platform for Doctors to provide online medical consultations.

On the question of process of a consult, Dr. Sebin added, “First a user submits a question and makes a payment on the website. The user could upload reports, pictures and choose the specialty of the Doctor. Our in-house physician reviews the query and forwards the consultation request to the concerned available specialist on our panel. The reply by the Doctor(s) is then forwarded to the user. Average response-time from Doctors is 2-4 hours. User then can ask free follow-up questions to seek any clarifications, get more details etc. Once the consult is marked complete by the user, we share the revenue with the consulting physician. We have handled thousands of paid and free medical queries till now and have found very positive feedback from users.”


[Source: Business Wire India]

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