Yahoo Incorporates Twitter Into Its Home Page News Stream

yahooOn Thursday, Yahoo announced that it has incorporated Twitter into its home page “news stream.” Now Yahoo news pages will have real-time comments fired off at the globally popular messaging service Twitter.

Announcing this,  Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! chief executive, said in a blog post,”Updates direct from politicians, celebrities, media outlets, and other publishers have become an important source of real-time news and information. 140 characters can connect athletes with their fans, capture live chatter from the red carpet, and inspire global debate. Tweets have become an important information source for many of our users, so we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Twitter to bring tweets directly into the Yahoo! newsfeed.”

Yahoo visitors can now see Twitter content on Yahoo sites, as well as quickly share Yahoo content with their Twitter contacts, in an attempt to create a virtuous circle. With this, Yahoo aims to provide users with an easy way to discover relevant and interesting people and publishers to follow on Twitter, personalized to their interests and preferences.

The feature is rolling out in the United States this week.

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