Finding Jobs Through Facebook Friends Made Easy with MyParichay’s Connected Jobs

myparichaySocial recruitment platform MyParichay has announced the launch of Connected Jobs that connects to both LinkedIn and Facebook; intelligently utilizing personal contacts in Facebook who are professionals and LinkedIn connections to give job seekers a complete overview of their professional reach through these two networks.

The job listings are pulled from all job boards and corporate career sites across the web in India. MyParichay takes job search to a new level as it finds relevant jobs that are available at companies where you have first and second level Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections currently working or have worked at in the past. Job Seekers can utilize their contacts in those networks to directly “Send a Resume” or use “Start a Conversation” feature to privately start exploring the job with a trusted insider.

For people who are not actively seeking a job, there are also “Job Alerts” that automatically deliver “Connected” job opportunities to the person’s inbox along with the right connections. It’s not unlike the “jobs you may be interested in” feature on LinkedIn, but again, MyParichay Job Alert includes Facebook opportunities as well.

Commenting on the launch, Ranjan Sinha, Co-founder and Chairman of MyParichay said,”Our Vision is to eliminate the need to Apply for a job and get your resume lost in a pile on a web or job site. MyParichay™ is committed to make job search better, easier reliable process for young professionals by utilizing the power and trust of their social network to develop fulfilling careers.”

MyParichay offers talent sourcing and employee referral management solutions to recruiters and hiring companies. There are over 15 million profiles available for referral and talent search.


[Source: Business Wire India]

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