Guest Post: Tips and Tricks: Become a Successful Mobile App Entrepreneur

app-developerMobile Apps present a whole new world of opportunities to be pounced upon. With lots of innovations taking place every day in all spheres of our life like medical, navigation, payments, logistics, gaming etc; no sphere of our life is left untouched by this device. But success does not come around so easily, one needs careful planning and intelligent execution to convert ideas into success.

To be a successful mobile app entrepreneur, you should have a sound knowledge of this novel domain. Rather than being blinded by the thought that the app idea is the next big thing, an Appreneur should instead focus on numbers and reasoning such as the market size, app cost, uniqueness and average downloads. In a nutshell, before developing the app, target the best while being prepared for the worst.

Before starting the actual development, create app prototype, get this tested with potential users of the app under focused group, take feedback and try to implement best features which most of the users are asking as top priority before developing everything. Instead of just asking hypothetical questions, go to the market with the prototype and ask potential users whether they would buy it and for how much.

Choosing a right revenue model for your app is not a cakewalk either. Many entrepreneurs fall for creating Lite and Pro versions of single app. This is definitely not a great idea to start with. It was a temporary solution brought out by developers when there was no mechanism for providing a trial app, and apple did not allow In-App purchase mechanism from the free apps. But now, one can do lot better by going for In-App purchase model. You don’t need to maintain two separate code bases or promote separately for both Lite and Pro versions. It’s also easier to measure the effectiveness of promotion campaigns in case of In-App purchase as compared to Lite and Pro versions.

Further, appreneurs should have a clear “Go-to-Market” strategy. They should be confident about the idea of their app, the users their app is targeting and how their app is going to win customers. It’s always a first question to any business and one should do it before starting any further planning. Once you are clear about your customers and offerings, you can move ahead. Do your calculations what should you charge, determine your market size and how would you scale up. All these calculations should be based upon the findings of the test marketing that you have done for your app prototype.

Interface and UX of a mobile application is key factor to its success. It has been and will remain an important aspect in crafting the success among users at any Appstore. Observe most of the successful mobile apps; they all have a neat and clean, no non-sense interface. If you are able to provide nice user experience, people not only use apps again and again but also recommend it to their friends also.


Now, a caution to to-be-appreneurs, there are number of mobile apps which get lost while on the way to their implementation. This generally happens because many mobile app development partners fail to give the idea proper shape and this ruin the entire show. So, you should choose your development partner after verification of its capabilities only. This will reduce the chances of your project going hay-wired.

Once your app is ready, do your best to get reviewed by maximum number of people. Try to get suggestions from your family and friends. Submit your app to various app reviewing websites. And act on these reviews. You may not get the perfect app in first attempt and need to refine or even change the functionalities of your app. Instagram is a perfect example of this. The Instagram earlier called Burbn began as check-in app that also has photo sharing facility. When they started the test marketing of this app, they found that the people aren’t checking-in the app but they are using it for photo sharing. This is where    founders of Instagram came into action and launched a revamped app called Instagram that shook the Appstore.

There are number of opportunities available in form of social media and location-based services to make your app popular. It would be foolishness on the part of appreneurs not to harness them. Social media plays a very big role in today’s businesses’ lives. They have enormous potential to bring customers at your doorstep and create the credibility of your application. Same is the case with location-based services, a number of app ideas coupled with location-based services become too powerful to resist. So, one should not forget to make its proper use while developing the mobile apps.

Another way of marketing your app to the public is to create a video of your app and upload it on YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and other video sharing sites. The video promotion gives users right idea how your app works.

Last but not the least; if you have a right idea then you shouldn’t wait for long otherwise lucrative opportunities may pass. Start working on it right now. Every opportunity waits for someone. So grab the opportunity before anybody else harnesses it.

(The above excerpts are from Mr Jitin Narang’s ideas presented during panel discussion At the Mobile Application Conference recently organized by Silicon India. Mr Narang is VP, Mobile Solutions at TechAhead, a leading mobile application development company that has to its credit the development of hundreds of successful mobile apps on a variety of platforms including iOS and Android.)

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