Opera Commerce Partners With TIMWE For Mobile Payments

operaOpera Commerce, a fully-owned subsidiary of Opera Software has partnered with TIMWE, a global provider of mobile monetization solutions to enable easy and safe mobile payments for users of TIMWE services and the Opera Mini mobile browser in more than 75 countries worldwide. Under this partnership, TIMWE will integrate M-coin, TIMWE’s mobile payment system into the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX).

OPX’s goal is to make mobile payments a secure and easy experience for the more than 230 million Opera Mini users globally. With TIMWE’s M-Coin, Opera Mini users will be able to buy digital goods and services easily and securely on their mobile devices through direct carrier billing in the more than 75 countries where TIMWE operates, ranging from Latin America to Asia, Africa and Europe.

With M-Coin, when Opera Mini users buy digital goods and services, the transaction will be charged directly to users’ mobile phone bills by mobile operators, thereby eliminating the need to share any personal or credit card information with the seller.

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