Zee Cafe Partners With idubba To Launch 'icouch' Android App

idubbaZee Cafe has partnered with idubba to launch ‘icouch’,a mobile app for the viewers who use android phones. With the launch of ‘icouch’, Zee Cafe aims to expand its viewer base through the new season of American television drama series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which will be telecast on 1 May. The show will be aired on every Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm.

Through ‘icouch’, Zee Cafe aims to provide a platform for the viewers to chat with each other real time via an interactive chat room. This app will enable viewers to chat with friends about the show, play contests, win prizes, take up quizzes and see their conversation Live on TV while the show is on air. The attempt is to unite all the fans of Grey’s Anatomy on a common platform and keep them glued to the show.

Commenting on this, Zee niche channels business head Anurag Bedi said, “Given the popularity of Grey’s Anatomy in India we want to give the viewers a chance to participate while watching the show. The rate at which various communication vehicles are seeing a decline, this initiative was taken to give the viewers a personalised bite into their TV viewing experience. This differentiated app has been developed in a creative and nimble way to get viewers talking about the show real time. With majority of urban population now making a shift to smart phones, creating such an app was an obvious choice for engagement for this kind of a show.”

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