Get Along with Latest Wireless Technology: Earn CCNP Wireless Certification

The information technology has become of the most crucial factors of today’s age as people are utilizing different technologies in several different aspects to fulfill their needs. One of the brightest aspects of IT is computer network, the advent of computer network has resolved many issues and it provides people opportunity to utilize their resources quite brilliantly. Whenever there is a debate about network, Cisco Technologies comes in for sure as they are the pioneer in networking technology.


Cisco is providing network devices along with proper networking infrastructure from a long time and IT industry greatly valued their contribution in the world of networking. Currently, almost every organization has its own computer network as it offers them efficient resource utilization and secure communication medium. The size of the network varies on the basis of organizational structure, for instance an academic institution has strength of 500 personnel so the structure of network will be designed accordingly. The beginning era of networking, the networks were based on wires, numerous connections have been made through wires, which is quite tricky and messy as well but the advancement in technology gave rise to the concept of wireless networking.

The advent of wireless networking is one of the most appreciated developments in the field of networking; currently people are using numerous wireless devices such as laptops, iPads, smartphones and more. These days most organizations are moving towards wireless networking and they have established Wireless Local Area Network infrastructure to carry out internal organizational operations. These days employees used different wireless devices in working environment and they require wireless medium to establish connection with cooperate wireless network. Cisco is providing wireless routers using which one can easily get connected to the WLAN and can access organizational network, if authorized.

As I already mentioned that Cisco is the leader in networking industry so most organizations prefer to use Cisco devices and networking strategies to establish their enterprise network. But an important concern here is that once the network is installed there are numerous aspects that require proper maintenance and monitoring for which organizations hire certified IT professionals having understanding about Cisco technologies. Cisco is offering various certifications for professionals, just to guide them about the technicalities of their networking devices and how they behave. One of the most popular certification offered by Cisco is CCNP Wireless. CCNP refers to Cisco Certified Network Professional, so CCNP wireless certification is greatly valued by IT professionals and it is quite tough as well.


To earn CCNP wireless certification IT professionals have to learn various different aspects of wireless networking which are currently in use. One important aspect of wireless networking is the implementation of RF network and in order to do that one must understand each and every requirement; Cisco is offering Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey exam which provides ability to design RF network and evaluate the installation requirements. This course addresses various technical aspects such as preparation of site survey, plan and conduct site survey, design RF network and perform post installation assessment. In order to gain this certification candidates have to pass Cisco 642-732 exam.

Moving on further, the next important aspect of CCNP Wireless certification is implementation of Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks, in this part of certification professional learn to implement VoWLAN services in WLAN environment, these days there are numerous applications that are being used at enterprise level and in order to run those applications VoWLAN is required. This certification provides abilities to design VoWLAN architecture, implementation of VoWLAN, QoS for Wireless applications and multicast over WLAN, also it guides you to prepare wireless network for video applications as well, to grab complete knowledge about VoWLAN professional have to pass Cisco 642-742 exam

The next crucial aspect is implementation of Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services; these days most organizations have configured wireless mobility services in order to enhance their networking infrastructure. This course provide abilities to configure wireless mobility services prominently including implementation of location based services, design and implement WLAN infrastructure for mobility, implementation of MSE architecture, management of indoor and outdoor mesh. IT professionals interested in learn Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services have to pass Cisco 642-747 exam.

Security is the most important concern in any type of network and when it comes to wireless network, one really has to be careful, in order to understand the technical aspects of WLAN security IT professionals should take Cisco Unified Wireless security exam which provide knowledge about various security measures that are required to be implemented in wireless network. The key measures include configure client device security, design and implement wireless network with Network Admission Control (NAC), implementation of secure wireless connectivity services, configuration of guest access services and troubleshooting WLAN security, IT professionals have to pass Cisco 642-737 exam in order get certified.

All these exams are essential in order to earn CCNP Wireless certification, these days most organizations are switching towards wireless networking and they seek Cisco Certified Professionals for design, implement and management of Wireless network. If you are willing to get along with latest wireless technology, CCNP certification is the best away to do that!

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