ixigo.com Launches Road Travel App "On the Way"

ixigoTravel planning and search engine ixigo.com has launched an innovative mobile app – “On the Way!” that allows road travelers to access relevant information on all useful and interesting stoppages along their route. This first-of-its-kind location-based app has been launched for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

With improvements in road infrastructure, changes in lifestyle and a pressing need to unwind, the culture of weekend road trips has been growing rapidly in India. However, information about roadside eateries (dhabas), petrol pumps, ATMs, medical shops etc. has been difficult to find. Keeping in mind its vision to simplify the lives of ‘road trippers’, ixigo.com has launched its On the Way! app to provide travelers handy dynamic information on places to stop at along the way to their destination, thereby making their trips hassle-free and enjoyable.

Speaking about the app, Rajnish Kumar, CTO & Co-founder, ixigo.com said, “There is a lot to discover on a road trip that people typically don’t know of – to address this, we conceived the idea of creating ‘On the Way!’ – an intelligent app for Indian road trippers. Instead of enjoying the trip, most people waste time and effort asking for directions or figuring out what the best place to stop would be. We’ve built an app that not only gives you directions but also helps with important and precise information on the various points of interest that lie on the way. From Dhabas to Monuments, we’ve got over 300,000 relevant & useful stoppages across India.”

The app covers utility information for both inter-city and intra-city road trips, including state and national highways between destinations. Its features include a map-view showing the entire road journey with points of interest plotted along the way, a list-view showing nearby places, and search functionality to find places by name in any of the categories – Eateries, Petrol, Liquor Shops, ATMs, Attractions, Hotels & Medical Stores.

Talking about the utilitarian features of the app, Ernesto Cohnen, VP Products at ixigo.com said, “On the Way! is built on some amazing content packaged in an awesome user experience with rich iconography. So, a McDonalds on your way will show up with its big “M” logo on the map, and you can quickly decide whether to stop at an Indian Oil or HP petrol pump. You can even conveniently locate your own bank’s ATM by its logo along your route. Beat that!”

The app is currently available for Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So, this weekend, plan a road trip and make sure you enjoy the trip and not struggle with figuring out the place to stop at, for that fun cup of tea and hot paranthas!


[Source: Business Wire India]

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