Cetpractice.com Launches Exam-ECG, An Online Tool For NEET and CET 2013 Students

cetpracticeCetpratice.com, an online education portal for students appearing for engineering and medical entrance examination has launched Exam ECG, an innovative online tool for the students. Modelled after the ECG, this tool helps students to rapidly identify their weaknesses, structure last minute preparation and improve their scores. Exam ECG evaluates a student’s performance on several important parameters that are thought to limit the scores of even well prepared students. Students and parents can have a sneak preview and register for the Exam ECG.

Exam ECG aims to help students minimize mark loss and helps to improve scores in a 3 step process. The first step evaluates students in a simulated EAMCET exam, then several sophisticated analyses are carried out and an easy to understand graphical representation of the student’s performance is generated. Areas of concern and potential improvement can be clearly identified allowing the student to work on improving them before the actual exam.

A chapter wise performance analysis helps students identify the chapters where they are losing the most marks and time. This in turn aims to help students structure their revision in the last few weeks before the entrance examination. Exam ECG is a much needed complement to the subject knowledge that students gain through colleges and tutorials.

Dr. CK Reddy, a medical graduate, who participated in the field tests of Exam ECG said,”Every student should take an Exam ECG at least once before their exam. The insights that an Exam ECG offers are difficult to obtain otherwise and too precious to miss.”


[Source: Business Wire India]

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