BSB's Free Mobile Messaging App 'hike' Crosses 5 Million Subscribers

hike‘hike’, the free mobile messaging app launched globally by Bharti SoftBank in December last year, has crossed 5 million subscribers. ‘hike’ has subscribers across iOS, Android, Windows, and Nokia S40 platforms and the app will shortly be available on Blackberry and Nokia S60 platforms. Bharti SoftBank (BSB) is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and mobile communication and broadband services firm Softbank.

The app, which allows users to send free SMS, even to contacts who do not have ‘hike’ on their handsets, provides its subscribers access anywhere across Airtel’s global network. Users can also share location, photos and videos with other users. Besides, it allows users to send free instant messages to friends/contacts who have ‘hike’ on their phones, anywhere across its global network. Users can also share location and rich media such as photos and videos.

A company statement said,”In India, ‘hike’ has seen a phenomenal uptake and adoption for its unique ‘hike’ to SMS feature that allows users to send free messages to even those friends/contacts who do not have the app on their mobile phone.”

BSB has also introduced ‘hie 2.0’, an update to ‘hike’ which brings with it status updates with moods that allows users post updates about what they are up to or what they are thinking in real-time to their close friends only. Besides this, users also have the option to carve out a ‘Circle of Friends’ in the app to whom the update would go out.

BSB Product and Strategy Head Kavin Bharti Mittal said,”Free ‘hike’ SMS is proving to be extremely popular in a country like India where not everyone in a group of friends has access to a data-enabled smartphone.”

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