For Him Magazine (FHM) India Launches Its Windows Phone 8 App

fhmRecently Men’s lifestyle magazine For Him Magazine (FHM) India, launched its app on Windows phone 8 for free. According to FHM Windows phone was the natural choice for the company. The app has special features such as the lockscreen where the images continually change on a schedule pre-set by the user.

The FHM app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store where the content will be uploaded twice a week which it will include different sections like cover girl, the girl next door, an extended image gallery, jokes, witty one liners and the latest on bikes, cars and gadgets as well as contests.

In order to access favorite sections of FHM, users can pin the sections onto the start screen and directly access one’s favorite sections. Users have the option to increase and decrease the tile according to their interest areas. Readers can choose their favorite pictures available on the FHM app and set them as a lockscreen. Besides choosing their lockscreen wallpaper, readers can also access content exclusive to the app from FHM India.

Commenting on the launch, FHM India editor Kabeer Sharma said ,” We’ve taken the best parts of FHM and put them in an app for your Windows 8 Smartphone. But, for those who scandalise easily, we have put in gadgets, music, cars and trivia in there too. The app is your daily dose of content broken down bite sized just like your mother used to do.”

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