Queppelin Empowers Tastykhana To Deliver Food Through Mobile

quepplinMobile applications development company Queppelin has pioneered a new business portifolio in the mobile ecosystem with Tastykhana.in. Queppelin has played a significant role in transforming Tastykhana into a successful mobile start-up, centered around its strong mobile strategy designed for Tastykhana.

The TastyKhana app would be available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry, Windows phone and java handsets as well. The application would not only be responsible for taking food order virtually but ensure secured and safe payment methodology.

Commenting on this, Shachin Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO Tastykhana, explained, “As a start-up, we wanted a partner who could go beyond the traditional approach of app development and deliver smart solutions to enhance our business stakes. We are glad that we opted for Queppelin who have not only designed smartphone applications for us but also formulated a mobile strategy. This has definitely provided us the platform to launch our products faster and also given us the edge over our competition.”

The users can access the Tastykhana discount package through mobile apps. Moreover Queppelin uses GPS to auto locate the user, and send push notifications to keep them updated on the latest discounts available in the near-by locations. With Queppelin empowering Tastykhana with a strong mobile-focussed advertising strategy, Tastykhana has successfully made an impact in the market with a positive brand recall among its target audience.

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