UC Browser Announces v9.0 For iPhone

uc-browserThird party mobile internet browser UCWeb, Inc. (UCWeb) has announced the release of its newest product, UC Browser v9.0 for iPhone. UC Browser 9.0 version for the iPhone users allows users to transfer files between phones and computers conveniently under the same Wi-Fi network. It’s Quick menu has been further optimized to enable faster action. To provide better customization the new Home Page allows the users to organize shortcuts on their homepage just like the way they organize apps on iPhone. It also provides one with the option to sync tabs and bookmarks for websites in UC Browser across multiple devices.

The iPhone 9.0 is designed to improve the video viewing experience for the iPhone users. Based on a survey commissioned by UCWeb in the Asian-Pacific market to study the habits of phone users it is learnt that 52.8% users prefer to watch videos on their phones rather than their PC and TV. This survey also showed an increasing tendency among users to watch videos offline, with 57.5% users often downloading videos to their phones to watch them later. Going by these statistics the new iPhone 9.0 version gives due importance to video functionality in its new feature development.

The Watch Offline feature allows users to view videos saved in their cache memory even when there is no network. The users can make use of the Watch offline feature and enjoy uninterrupted broadcast of online videos. The Cloud download function allows users to download files to UC Browser’s cloud storage (U Disk) which is available to all users with UC Browser account. The upgraded U3 Core kernel greatly improves the rendering speed of webpages and provides a better webpage display with comparatively less waiting time. It is especially enhanced to optimize the online gaming experience of the users.

In the latest version, UC Browser introduces Wi-Fi Sharing. Those who use these features can now move the files they have downloaded to devices under the same Wi-Fi network without the use of any cables. iTunes is not required to use Wi-Fi Sharing. UC Browser currently is the only mobile browser that offers this function.

In the present scenario, it is common for people to own and use many different devices to browse the web. Based on this, UCWeb has developed Cloud Sync, which is a new type of Cloud service that enables users to keep their bookmarks and tabs consistent across all their devices. With the release of UC Browser v2.0 for iPad recently, users of both these versions of UC Browser can look forward to keeping their browsing experience constant across their devices.

This version also significantly improves the homepage display functionality. By giving the users to organize shortcuts on their UC Browser’s homepage.This feature demonstrates UC Browser’s commitment to the design philosophy of ‘consistency of operation’.

Founded in 2004, UCWeb claims to have 400 million users worldwide.

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