Ricoh launches mobile visual search platform Ocutag

ricohRicoh Innovations Corporation (“RIC”), a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd. has launched the Ocutag mobile visual search platform, the first product from its newly formed Visual Services and Solutions Business Unit. The first implementation for this technology has been done with Disney UTV Digital’s new smartphone app in India.

Disney UTV Digital has launched its “UTV Stars” mobile app for smartphones powered with the Ocutag platform. The Augmented Reality feature called Snap Search connects users to their favorite Bollywood stars and allows them to click a snap of a movie poster to provide easy access to customized content like movie trailers, behind the scenes videos, Tweets, pictures and more.

Commenting on this launch, Dr. Nikhil Balram, president and CEO of Ricoh Innovations said,”The mission for our new Visual Services and Solutions Business Unit is to understand and interpret the world’s visual information to provide an enhanced human experience. High-performance, large-scale mobile visual search plays an important role in realizing that mission. We are proud to be a part of Disney UTV’s next-generation mobile app, demonstrating an exciting new way that companies can use Ricoh’s Ocutag platform to deliver the value of visual search to their customers.”

When powered by the Ocutag platform, mobile apps connect users with a variety of related digital media through the simple capture of an image, for easy access to customized multimedia content and other services. The Ocutag platform improves companies’ ability to engage their customers by presenting targeted, highly customizable, actionable information. Any image, including those on TV screens, posters, magazines, catalogs and product packaging, can connect users to digital marketing content such as text, video, purchase options and access to social networks.

The UTV Stars app is the first entertainment app for smartphones in India that provides Bollywood news, gossip, movies and live TV all in one app. Available for Android, iOS and Windows phones, the app provides an instant connect to the world of Bollywood at the touch of a phone. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in India, with market research firm IDC forecasting smartphone sales to reach 28 million units in 2013, increasing to 156 million units in 2017. India’s film entertainment industry is the largest in the world in terms of the number of films produced (around 900 annually) and its theatrical admissions (around 3 billion tickets annually), according to Ernst & Young in 2012.

The Ocutag mobile visual search platform  provides developers with open APIs and online services to enable and support the integration of visual search into mobile apps. It uses the unique and proprietary Ricoh Visual Search technology that has over ninety patents granted or pending, to deliver industry-leading performance with fast response times and high accuracy, while supporting large databases to satisfy the most demanding of applications. Also provided is access to comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for developers and content experts, as well as rich analytics and extensive support.

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