FunSpot Partners With Telkomsel To Provide Social Gaming Service

funspotFunSpot, a Singapore based provider of mobile social gaming and entertainment for emerging markets has signed a major deal with Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest Operator to provide social entertainment and gaming services. Telkomsel’s Digital Lifestyle Unit has just launched the new service.

As a part of this deal, FunSpot will provide Telkomsel’s customers a fully integrated mobile social gaming network that includes a local-language SNS (Social Network Service) and 9 made-for-mobile social games. The games represent the most popular categories in the social gaming world including: Cooking, Hobbies, Fashion, Football Clubs and Pets. Currently Indonesia’s mobile industry has more than 250 million subscribers.

A recent report by Niko Partners Research revealed that, The South East Asia Game market generated more than $560 million in 2012, with the region’s online game industry expected to grow by more than 17% and Indonesia set to show the greatest growth.

In Indonesia, most people connect to the Internet for the first time via their mobile phones however; the mobile device market is highly fragmented making it hard for majority of the Indonesian consumers to access exciting social gaming entertainment. FunSpot’s mobile social games can be accessed by any phone with a browser and data connectivity. This makes this genre of mobile social entertainment relevant and reachable to the majority of Indonesians.

Another key feature is the ability for consumers to play any game for “free” in the game portal and connect to their existing social networks including Twitter and Facebook

Commenting on this development, Raja Hussain, Founder & CEO of FunSpot said, “The Telkomsel partnership has given us the opportunity to work with one of Asia’s largest Telco’s and the 7th largest cellular operator in the world to deliver mobile entertainment in one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets. The partnership with Telkomsel’s Digital Lifestyle Unit is very exciting for our company.  As a Singapore based start-up this latest deal has put us firmly on track as the leader in mobile social entertainment for emerging markets.

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