Mobile App Development Company Appsquare Ventures Into Part funding for Australia Based Mobile Developers

appsquareAustralia based mobile application development company Appsquare has recently forayed into part funding for brilliant apps idea put forth by developers in Australia. By advocating part funding, the company aims to encourage startups and provide them with strategic direction through a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, business coaches, accountants and lawyers.

Commenting on this, Vishal Gumber, Founder and CEO, Appsquare, said, “Several ideas stay just ideas; thanks to insufficient funds. Of course, outsourcing solutions have considerably reduced the development costs, but lack of quality, improper architecture and an incomplete product make it difficult for entrepreneurs to create sticky apps. So, we have put together a strong panel of financiers willing to share the risk with young and budding entrepreneurs and making their app dreams come true.”

Appsquare has put together a team of experts to analyze app ideas on the basis of Technical ability of the team, concept/idea,research/statistics,competition analysis,business plan, marketing plan, budget, expansion/enhancement plan. Appsquare would only entertain those ideas that would meet the above-mentioned parameters.

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