Launches Music App For Android and iOS

myswarIndian music discovery portal has launched a music app for Android and iOS. claims to have the most comprehensive and accurate database of Hindi film songs from 1941 to present day. The MySwar app provides its users with access to this database on their iOS and Android devices. The MySwar app is being launched as a free app for a limited time only.

Commenting on the app launch, MySwar’s Founder, Param Arunachalam, said, “A large number of the visits to our website come from mobile devices. The app launch will provide these users a vastly better user experience and improve engagement.”

The MySwar App provides its users with a comprehensive guide of Hindi film songs, from 1941 to present day and across almost 50 genres. It lists Bollywood music releases by New Releases, Popular Songs, Year, Genre and Awards. For each song, the app provides detailed credits of the music director, lyricist, singers, assistants, arrangers, producers, recording engineers, studio, instrumentalists, etc (where available).

The app provides artist information like their biography, award details and discography. With this app, users can watch YouTube videos for songs when available.

The regular search feature of the app lets users search for a song, album or artist. The advanced search feature allows users get song listings that match more than one criterion – singer, music director, lyricist, year range and genre. Searches handle multiple spellings – for example, “ishq” and “ishk” give the same search results.

The app provides information on most major Bollywood music awards, including Filmfare, National Film Awards, Screen Awards, Mirchi Awards and GiMA Awards.

Users can read reviews  of other music lovers; submit their own reviews; check out the reviews of critics and bloggers; submit links to external reviews.

For every song, the MySwar app provides users with a list of similar songs based on genre and other musical attributes like mood and instrumentation. Users also get song recommendations based on their ratings.

The MySwar App also allows users to buy songs from iTunes if available.

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