Yamgo TV Launches Social TV Facebook App

yamgoMobile TV network Yamgo has expanded its television service to Facebook, bringing over 100 fully licensed live and linear TV channels to the world’s biggest social network. The recently launched Facebook app aims to enable users to watch TV without ever leaving Facebook, meaning viewers can chat with their friends and check their notifications whilst enjoying a wide range of TV channels. Consumers can access the Yamgo app from the Facebook App Centre or by visiting the Yamgo website and opting to log-in with Facebook.

The Facebook app is the latest update to the Yamgo service which claims to have built a user-base of over 35 million views per month through a bouquet of smartphone apps and desktop and mobile websites. Using the Facebook app, Yamgo intends to make television more social by allowing users to share their viewing activity with their friends via Facebook’s Open Graph. Initial numbers for the application are positive with the lure of live TV from content providers such as Sony SAB, France 24 and Zee TV leading to over 9000 users within days of the launch.

Commenting on the launch, Ian Mullins, Founder and CEO of Yamgo said, “Watching TV has become a huge social experience, we’re not just watching along with the people in our living rooms anymore, we’re watching with the whole world. In terms of social TV, Twitter has received a lot of attention regarding television lately for their research with Nielsen and their purchase of Bluefin Labs but Facebook also has a lot to offer as an entertainment platform – the success of current games and applications on the platform are a great example of the potential growth possibilities that the social network offers.”

With the increase in the internet user base, online TV is growing consistently as viewing habits have changed toward instant gratification and on-demand consumption of media. Concurrent to this growth the rise of social media means that audiences can express their views on content in real time via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue. An article published by eMarketer noted research by Nielsen for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) which found that Facebook is the dominating social network for people to share what they’re watching. Up to 40% of viewers used Facebook to discuss what they’re watching compared to just 21% who used Twitter.

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