[24]7 Launches Visual Speech Solution

24-7[24]7, the intuitive customer experience company, has announced the launch of its [24]7 Visual Speech solution, a new service that transforms existing interactive voice response (IVR) into a next-generation mobile customer experience. The [24]7 Visual Speech aims to deliver a unified customer experience across IVR and mobile without losing the customer’s context. The new [24]7 solution is unique in the industry in leveraging predictive analytics and real-time decisioning.

[24]7 Visual Speech provides consumers using IVR systems with an advanced HTML5 mobile web experience without requiring the consumer to download a mobile application. The IVR guides the consumer to a successful transaction by bridging to the mobile web. By acquainting consumers with mobile self-service, the results are higher adoption of the mobile app, greater self-service automation, and a more engaging customer experience.

As a multimodal solution, [24]7 Visual Speech enhances the speech capabilities of an IVR with screen input and output, making it easy to complete complex tasks. Consumers can now take advantage of the visual interface of the smartphone to see complex data such as pictures, tables and forms. Entry of information can be done by touch, type, or speech, based on the consumer’s preference. The multimodal flexibility increases engagement and self-service completion.

[24]7 Visual Speech’s predictive analytics and real-time decisioning determine which IVR callers should be engaged with a multimodal experience, and precisely when to do so during the customer’s journey. By accurately predicting the individual consumer’s intent, [24]7 Visual Speech can offer multimodal experiences that increase the scope of tasks that can be easily completed in self-service.

[24]7’s multimodal solution gives consumers a way to move from IVR phone interactions to the mobile web using their smartphones. Initial results are evidence that consumers have a large appetite to use their smartphones for customer service. [24]7 is seeing consumer adoption rates for [24]7 Visual Speech greater than 80 percent with over 90 percent task completion success rates. A top three global credit card issuer deployed the solution and it is expected to handle more than 10 million interactions per year.

[Source: Business Wire India]

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