Nielsen Launches Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect , a Mobile In-App Ad Resonance Solution

mobile-adsResearch firm Nielsen has launched Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect, a solution that measures the resonance of brand advertising within mobile apps. Available immediately in the United States, Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect is the latest addition to the Nielsen Brand Effect product suite, which already measures ad resonance across TV and computer browsers.

Building upon the technologies and best practices utilized for measuring ad resonance in online display and video ads, Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect captures consumer sentiment through an in-app survey and delivers performance against the primary marketing objective of the campaign using classic brand lift metrics such as awareness, attitude, favorability and purchase intent. The solution works across mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS and Android.

Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association said,”Smartphones have transformed how consumers engage with entertainment, work and each other. For marketers, mobile presents an incredible opportunity for connecting with consumers wherever they are—on the go or at home. As mobile in-app advertising continues to evolve, having meaningful metrics will be key to advertisers investing with confidence and this medium reaching its full potential. We applaud the development of solutions like Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect that help advertisers understand the ROI of their mobile ads.”

As with Nielsen Online Brand Effect, the mobile in-app resonance solution is built around a real-time, collaborative model that allows everyone with a stake in the campaign to measure and optimize performance in-flight. The results, in total and by app, segment, lifetime performance, creative and frequency, are displayed in a web-based dashboard in real-time. In addition, the scalable nature of the solution means that a larger portion of a marketer’s ad spend can be measured and optimized.

Nielsen’s TV and online Brand Effect solutions are available in the U.S. and in select markets internationally.

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