Opera Browser For Android Launched In Beta

operaOpera Software has announced the launch of beta version of Opera browser for Android. Opera has rebuilt the entire browser to provide Android mobile users with a full native, browsing experience on their devices.

The company stated,” The beta version launched today, the first iteration of the new generation of Opera browsers for smartphones, will give developers and first-movers in the mobile-app world access to Opera’s latest offering for Android users.”

Some key features of  Opera browser for Android are:

  • New look: Opera browser for Android sports a completely new user interface that is more elegant and built to the native specifications of the Android platform.
  • Discover feature: This provides a new way of discovering content on the web. From the Discover panel of the startup screen, users can read a selection of popular articles and dig deeper into their interests, such as sports, technology, lifestyle or news.
  • New, revamped Speed Dial: With the new Speed Dial, the bookmarks are fused together with the Speed Dial entries to provide a new experience. Users can easily group, organize and rename Speed Dial entries or gather them in folders — all with the touch of the thumb.
  • Off-Road mode: Opera for Android integrates the compression technology from Opera Mini, for faster browsing when conditions are rough.  When facing bad network or costly roaming while traveling, users can  switch to Off-Road mode and keep on surfing.
  • Combined search and address bar: Opera has combined the search and URL field for a more elegant UI and more intuitive input.
  •  Tabbed browsing:  With tabbed browsing, users can browse, open and sort all open browser windows on their phone. It even offers private browsing, just like the Opera desktop browser.
  •  History: With the easily accessible history mode, return to that page you saw earlier today fast — just swipe your finger to the right to access the content on the left on your home screen.
  •  Save for later: This feature lets the user download a complete webpage and read it later while offline. It’s perfect for reading long articles on flights without Wi-Fi or just when users don’t want to connect to the internet.

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