Android To Account For 58% Of Smartphone App Downloads In 2013 – ABI Research

abiAccording to a recent report by ABI Research, the annual volume of smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion this year. The report reveals that Android will account for 58% of the total smartphone app downloads, with Apple’s iOS commanding an annual share of 33%. This will be followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone with 4% market share and BlackBerry with 3%.

The report revealed that mobile users will download around 14 billion tablet apps during the year. ABI Research forecasts that in the tablet segment, iOS apps will account for 75% of the market share. Android will represent an annual share of 17%, excluding Kindle Fire. Downloads to Amazon’s tablets will warrant a market share of 4%, while around 2% of the total will be for Windows tablets.

With its vast installed base and the generally improved conditions for app building, ABI Research expects a growing number of smartphone-focused developers to adopt an Android-first strategy within the year.

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