TeleDNA Launches United Communication Platform

telednaVAS infrastructure products company TeleDNA Communications Pvt. Ltd. will be powering the next generation social networking platform for NTC, Nepal.

Mr. Udit Shanker, CEO, TeleDNA Communications Pvt. Ltd said, “TeleDNA’s UCS (Unified Communication System) is not another run-of-the-mill Social networking platform. It is a platform, which provides services such as, Entertainment and Infotainment to end mobile subscribers. The platform provides services for both end users and enterprise business users. TeleDNA has always been known to provide next generation technology today, and this platform proves this.”

Ubiquitous Services Offered to Mobile Users:

  • It enables mobile users to share video/picture/audio/text/chat with their friends, family and colleagues, who are part of UCS community or Facebook, Google+ or any other social network.
  • It allows users to sync up their contact list and manage all their contacts on a single platform as unified Address Book.
  • Ease of service activation: Single Platform to opt-in the services offered by NTC. Users can update their profiles, likes, interest with this information on hand. The platform does target based campaigns and relevant advertisement information push to those subscribers.
  • Access Channels: Mobile Client Application for various handsets make models and OS through which mobile user is connected to the platform from anywhere. Mobile users can also access the UCS platform through SMS/USSD/WAP/Web Channels.

Ubiquitous Services Offered to Enterprise Users/Advertisement Users:

  • Enterprise users are given an account on UCS platform and push the service related information to targeted end mobile users over SMS and MMS channels.

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