Digital Media, A Vital Influence On Consumer Electronics Shoppers-IAB

mobile-devicesA new study by IAB has revealed that mobile devices usage by shoppers plays a very key role in online and offline consumer electronics spending. It found that while 42 percent of in-store mobile device users ultimately made their purchase online, a full 30 percent made their purchase in the store. Further, those who used their mobile phones while shopping were also more likely to make an unplanned purchase (32% in-store vs. 22% online).

The research, conducted byIAB in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT,  focuses on consumer electronics and explores the influence of mobile devices on the retail shopping process, general shopping behaviors in physical stores and online, and the broader showrooming concept.

The study shows that about 42 percent of shoppers who used a mobile device while in-store spent over $1000. Among mobile device owners who didn’t use their device in-store, only 21 percent spent over $1000. Around 65 percent of shoppers who use their mobile device in-store said it made them more likely to buy the product.

According to the study digital advertising was also an important factor in the show rooming experience for consumers. Around 35% shoppers recalled seeing ads for consumer electronics they were shopping for, and among those shoppers, over 7 in 10 said that they had viewed digital ads. Furthermore, digital ads heavily influenced consumer behavior in shopping for electronics. Half of those surveyed said that digital ads made them visit an online store, while 28 percent of respondents said digital ads drove them to shop at a bricks-and-mortar retail location.

Besides these, the other key findings were:

  • Among in-store shoppers, over a quarter (27%) intended to showroom by trying out the products in the store and then buy online
  • More than 3 in 4 consumers did some form of online research, on a personal computer or mobile device, prior to going to a store; mainly checking prices, reading reviews and looking up product features
  • The top three drivers for purchasing in-store are, in order, convenience, trying/seeing the product, and price
  • In comparison, the top ranked motivators for purchasing online are price, convenience, and selection/availability

“It’s clear from the study’s results that showrooming is a multifaceted and increasingly sophisticated consumer behavior,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “The implication for consumer electronics retailers is enormous – they will thrive more quickly when they execute a marketing strategy whose nexus is the synthesis of online, mobile and offline shopping experiences.”


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