Exclusive Interview: Abhay Pruthi, Director, BD & Idea Modulation At Lost Beat

lostbeatWe spoke to Abhay Pruthi, Director, Business development & idea modulation at Lost Beat.  Abhay is currently in his penultimate year pursuing B-tech from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi University. His area of expertise include marketing & idea modulation. Abhay has done internship with brands like United Biscuits-Mcvities & Freescale.

WD: Tell us the story of how it started and the challenges you have faced?

Abhay: Well, we happen to be attached very closely to music ourselves. Ashish was a drummer in his school days. I used to be a singer. Akshay was a passionate music lover. I always felt that I could have had a future in this industry if I could get a better platform to showcase my talent. But as they say one should be the change they want to see in the world, we came together and started Lost Beat.

We did have our share of challenges, but then that is when we learned the most. Since ours is a technical product, there is no end to improvisation. It is like finding something better as soon as you think you’ve made it good enough. So, we keep trying to keep pace with that. We were meticulous in making the website as user-friendly as possible, this took almost two years; patience, is what we learned through the process. We are currently working towards expanding our marketing resources.

WD: Who are the Founders and their backgrounds?

Abhay: We are a team of three founders. Ashish Goel, Director, Branding and Marketting; Akshay Pruthi, Director, Operations; and myself, Director, Business Management and Idea Modulation. Ashish is an Investment Banker from Birmingham Business School, Akshay and I are studying technology at Netaji Subash Institute of Technology.

WD:  What technology platform is your site built on? Is it in-house?

Abhay:  The website has been built on the .net platform. While we do have an in-house technical team, parts of it have been outsourced.

WD: What initiatives are you planning in the next 2-3 years?

Abhay: Our next project is the launch of the second phase of the website. Our concept works on a two-tier plan, the online module has the website, and the offline module is where we organise shows for the bands and artists to perform in. As soon as the website picks up pace, we will begin skimming through the profiles online and will organise rock shows for the best bands. This is a very important part of the concept and we look forward to it. Also, we will soon be working towards penetrating the mobile industry. We are going to make Lost Beat mobile compatible and will launch musical applications for iphone and android. We recently launched our online journal, lostbeat.me, we also aim at expanding it.

WD:  Which locations is it available ?

 Abhay: You can access Lost Beat from anywhere around the world, though we are focusing right now on Indian Market.

WD: What is your Marketing/Promotional approach?

 Abhay:  We are well into our marketing campaign currently. We thought if one had to bring in good content to a musical-something, no one could do it better than musicians themselves. So we launched an online journal, lostbeat.me. You can look at it as a kind of educational forum, where people can know more about musicians and the musicians can understand the concept of Lost Beat better. Our strategy is to focus on the in-flux of people who associate with music professionally for the initial few months and then switch to getting attention from general users.

 WD: Did you raise any funding? If you want to raise funds do you want to be contacted by Investors ?

Abhay: We funded the first phase ourselves. As described before, we have a blueprint and plan of action for the next few years. I guess the fact that we are still students says it all. Hail Capitalism! 😉

Did you like this interview ? If you have questions for Abhay, do put it on the comments section. You can connect with Abhay on LinkedIn.

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