Cleartrip Launches Pricewatch For International Flights

cleartripOnline travel portal Cleartrip has launched Pricewatch for International flights.

So how does Pricewatch work? As soon as a user books an international flight on Cleartrip, Pricewatch kicks in and begins monitoring airfares for the trip. If the fares for the flights booked by the user falls by more than the associated change fees, Pricewatch automatically reprices the tickets to give the user the cheaper fare. Pricewatch will also automatically refund the difference to the user.

e.g. A user has booked a flight ticket today for Rs. 40,000 for departure on say 14th April. Pricewatch will immediately begin tracking the cheapest fare for the particular flight. If the fare drops to say Rs.34,000 before departure date, with an additional airline amendment fees. Pricewatch will automatically rebook the user on the cheaper fare and refund the balance amount.
Sometimes, when Pricewatch reprices and rebooks a flight, the PNR changes. In such cases, Pricewatch will email a new e-ticket to the user.

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