Intel is getting into the set-top box business,will reshape the online video delivery business

IntelAccording to FierceOnlineVideo, Intel is ready to launch a new consumer electronics product and an Internet TV offering it hopes will reshape the online video delivery business.

The product is expected to use an over-the-top model but compete with incumbent pay TV service providers.

Intel is joining a crowded field that already includes boxes from Apple TV and Roku as well as streaming online content delivery from Netflix, Hulu and a bevy of others offering varying levels of over-the-top online video Internet content. It’s also entering a field long dominated by cable, telco and satellite providers with deep pockets and even deeper connections with content owners.

It all depends, of course, on Intel’s ability to get the right content at the right price for packages that will entice consumers away from what’s already there. There’s also the question of Intel’s hardware prowess when it comes to developing consumer electronics, but that’s another matter as the chipmaker moves into the content delivery business with packages, rather than standalone content options.

Eventually it is going to be a content play business, if Intel is able to provide high quality content with the boxes and a better subscription package, they will have a good chance.

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