Launches Exclusive Corporate Microsites for Large Businesses and Organisations

officeyesOffice stationery and office supplies company,, has launched a unique corporate microsite meant exclusively for large businesses and organisations. This exclusive microsite, featuring a unique product category for every different business or organization on the basis of their needs and specifications, aims to create a simple office supplies ordering system. A microsite is an individual web page or a small group of web pages, created as a separate entity within an existing website and designed for a specific and cohesive function as against the general broader overall parent website.

Through this launch, aims to create a unique microsite for its large corporate customers which will feature a catalogue of only those products that the company needs. With this, companies will now be able to buy office supplies online via a portal created exclusively for them. Moreover, the rates of the selected products will be frozen for a certain period of time as discussed with the client, which just means that the company need not worry about sudden price fluctuations.’s first corporate microsite tie-up is with the global giant GE, followed by Lease plan, one of the world’s largest fleet-leasing companies, who are now benefitting from this new-age online office supplies procurement model.

These microsites also offer the feature of being able to assign pre-determined budget limits fixed to different departments/ user groups. All that users have to do is simply browse through the product listings, select the products and quantities they need and press ‘order’. Instantly, an email will be sent to the appropriate approver, who can accept, edit or reject the order in seconds – saving huge amounts of time and back forth emails and discussions between the management. The microsite even allows the added freedom of being able to create different user groups for different categories of office supplies according to the functional designation, location or any other criteria the client chooses, enabling a completely hassle-free office supplies procurement process.

Commenting on the initiative, Siddharth Nambiar, Co-founder and Managing Director, said, “The corporate microsite is a fantastic resource for large businesses – it allows them to manage their procurement in a vastly more efficient way”. The unique microsite is offered on a contract basis and comes with the special feature of creating users and approvers with protected passwords to ensure secure ordering, for a completely transparent procurement and approval mechanism. Users are those employees assigned with the task of handling procurement, while approvers could be those in senior positions responsible for keeping a watch and approving the transaction.

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