UC Browser Adds New Download Services for iPhone Users

uc-browserGlobal mobile internet company UCWeb, Inc., announced on Monday that its flagship product, UC Browser is the only mobile browser to offer cloud download for the iPhone. The new English version (v8.9) optimizes the mobile browsing experience for iPhone users by combining cloud based webpage compression technology and intuitive designs which can reduce data traffic by up to 90 percent and provide users with more control over contents obtained from the internet. UC Browser v8.9 is available free on Apple’s iOS App Store.

Commenting on the enhancements to UC Browser, UCWeb Chief Product Officer, He Xiaopeng said, “iOS is our second largest smartphone platform and we continuously strive to improve the mobile internet experience of our iOS users. We believe that the new features embedded in our latest version will keep iPhone users in step with the most current mobile and cloud technologies – something that all iPhone users have come to expect.”

Key features for UC Browser v8.9 include:

  • Cloud Download makes it possible for users to download extremely large files or those from difficult-to-reach online sources by using UCWeb’s cloud server as the intermediary. Anyone with a UC Browser account can download files to the UCWeb server and then download to a local device with guaranteed speed and stability. A second benefit for cloud download is that mobile users will not be throttled by the poor mobile internet connection at the time of downloading, and users can use a better internet connection, such as WiFi, to download to local devices.
  • Download Manager is an intuitive management tool that help users manage their contents in an efficient manner. Downloaded files can automatically be sorted in to pre-categorized folders such as music, video, images, and zip files. The download manager also alerts the user prior to the file download in the event that the file is not compatible with the iPhone.  This prevents the user from downloading incompatible files, thus saving on both data cost and time. It also gives users more control over downloaded contents and allows digital formats such as MP3, video, eBooks, and more to be accessed only with UC Browser.
  • Watch Offline takes advantage of the uptake in video consumption to allow users to cache online video and watch it later. This feature makes online video viewing possible even in relatively slow network environments, with poor or no internet connections.  Once the video is cached to UC Browser, users can use UC Browser to view the video anytime, anywhere.

UC Browser is the largest mobile browser by user base.  Quick Reads, URL auto-completion, and efficient search box combined with neatly designed site navigation makes it the choice of 400 million users worldwide. UC Browser also supports Gesture Control, which allows users to open a new tab or switch between multiple tabs with the swipe of the fingers. It also allows the users to switch between Night-and-Day mode and shuffle the themes of the browser by simply shaking the device.

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