Mobile Device Transactions To Grow By 20 Per Cent Between 2012-2015 In India

mobile-devicesAccording to ‘New Digital Mobile Consumer report’ by TCS, consumer sales transactions completed on mobile devices is expected to grow by 20 per cent between 2012 and 2015 in India. The report highlights the criticality of developing a corporate strategy for interactions conducted with consumers specifically through mobile devices

As per the report, between 2012 and 2015, customer services and mobile-specific market campaigns are also expected to experience substantial growth as a percentage of overall consumer interactions — growing 24 per cent and 23 per cent, respectively. Companies reporting the greatest success with digital mobile consumers are those that are quickest to adapt to new platforms like tablet PCs.

The report found that globally, the leading companies have an average of 25 per cent of their mobile apps designed specifically for tablets. Compared to this, the companies with the least success have just 17 per cent. Rapid adoption of multiple mobile devices by both consumers and employees, however, is demanding that mobile strategies evolve further still, the report said.

TCS Global Head (Mobility) Satya Ramaswamy said,”Consumer facing businesses need to develop strong, well-executed digital mobile consumer strategies in order to capitalise on the tremendous sales, marketing, and service opportunities that are now unfolding via the mobile devices of consumers. Smartphones are becoming the preferred computing devices for consumers while they are out-and-about, whereas tablets are taking an increasingly central role for these consumers while they are within their homes.”

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Lava International Launches Lava Iris N400

lava-logoLava International has announced the launch of Lava Iris N400 smartphone, the latest in its Iris smartphone series. Some key features of the Lava Iris N400 smartphone are:

  • runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream Sandwich.
  • features a 4.0″ WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen
  • has Dual SIM
  • runs on superfast 1 Ghz Processor
  • features a 5 MP Back camera with VGA Front Camera
  • has 3G with Video Calling facility
  • a 1500mAh Battery
  • GPS

lava iris n400
Iris N400 is also enabled with 3G/WIFI/EDGE/BT/GPRS- Connectivity. Besides being a dual sim phone other features include G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor and light Sensor.

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One97 Communications Acquires Mobile Marketing Platform Mobivite

mobiviteOne97 communications has acquired mobile marketing platform Mobivite – owned by Delhi-based technology start-up Srishti TechNet.

Commenting on this acquisition, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and CEO of One97 said,”We want to be the dominating force of the mobile internet ecosystem. Bringing MobiVite allows us to accelerate our journey towards that purpose.”

MobiVite’s platform uses cloud computing technology to enable small businesses and marketing agencies create mobile websites and execute engaging mobile web campaigns. In August, it was chosen by Google as a “key vendor” in the country as part of the search engine provider’s push to attract small- and medium-businesses to its products.

Srishti is the second venture of Sanjay Goel, co-founder and director, who after graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology launched Ethnic India – one of the leading lifestyle fragrance companies in the country.

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European Mobile Application Market Size Reached 1.68 bn. Euro in 2012

free-appsA recent report by research2guidance reveals that in 2012, the European mobile application market size reached 1.68 bn. Euros. This growth has been primarily driven by paid application downloads, in-app purchasing and in-app advertising. The growth rate during the initial years is above 140 %.

According to the report, since 2008 (the initial full year of the new application eco system) the market has changed from a niche “gaming and entertainment”channel for players on-the-move to an “app” hype with more than 2 mio. applications published. The hype is similar to the “www.” hype in the early 2000s, but 5-7 times faster.

app market size The European application market represents approximately 20% of the global market. UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France account for 15% of the global app market. Among these Top 5 EU countries, there are significant differences in size and structure of the domestic markets. This directly impacts the platform and business model decisions every publisher must make before setting up an app project.

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Giftwrapp – The App That Wraps

giftwrappRecently, a new lifestyle application ‘Giftwrapp’ was launched in the iTunes store. The ‘Giftwrapp,’ app will be available worldwide exclusively from iTunes, and is compatible with all iOS mobile devices. It is free of charge to users who wish to unwrap a digital gift they have received via the application, while those wishing to send a gift via ‘Giftwrapp’ can do so through a simple in-app purchase.

What is ‘Giftwrapp’ all about? Using ‘Giftwrapp,’ users can fully customise their gift, with almost 20,000 different ways to personalise a gift using the in-built standard gift pack, with many more available to purchase from within the application itself.  Aspects of each digital gift that can be personalised include the wrapping paper, ribbon, bow, and gift tag.  There is even a function for those sending gifts to add their own personal message for the receiver on the back of the gift tag.  Additional digital wrapping packs will be introduced throughout the year, so that those available constantly remain relevant with current trends.

‘Giftwrapp’ also has a timer function to ensure a gift is only unwrapped when the time is right. Whether sending a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary, the sender simply sets the date of the occasion, so the receiver cannot open the gift until the pre-determined time. Agonisingly, the gift recipient feels the anticipation build as they watch the timer count down, just like the thrill of seeing presents under the tree that you can’t open until Christmas.

When the time comes to unwrap the digital gift, users interact with their mobile device to reveal what it is one-step at a time, fully replicating the real life experience of reading a personal message, removing the bow, the ribbon, and finally eagerly tearing away the wrapping paper.

‘Giftwrapp’ claims to be the only mobile application in the market that goes so far in replicating a real-life gift experience by digitally recreating the anticipation and excitement associated with receiving a physical gift.

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In October 2012, Broadband Subscriber Base In India Reaches 14.81 Million

traiAccording to latest TRAI data,  the total broadband subscriber base in India has increased to 14.81 million in October 2012 as against 14.68 million at the end of September 2012, there by showing a monthly growth of 0.89%. Yearly growth in broadband subscribers is 14.10% during the last one year (October 2011 to October 2012).

The telephone subscriber base in India has decreased to 935.18 million at the end of October, 2012 as against 937.70 million at the end of September 2012, thereby registering a monthly growth rate of -0.27%. The urban subscriber base has decreased from 595.69 million in September, 2012 to 590.73 million at the end of October, 2012.   During the same period, subscription in rural areas has increased from 342.01 million to 344.45 million.

At the end of October 2012, the total wireless subscriber base has decreased to 904.23 million, registering a monthly growth of -0.26%. Wireless subscription in urban areas decreased from 571.70 million in September 2012 to 566.81 million at the end of Octoberber 2012. During the same period the wireless subscription in rural areas increased from 334.92 million to 337.42 million. Out of the total 904.32 million wireless subscribers, 703.92 million were active on the date of Peak VLR for the month of October 2012. The proportion of VLR subscribers is approximately 77.85% of the total wireless subscriber base reported by the service providers.

At the end of October 2012, the wireline subscriber base declined to 30.95 Million as against 31.08 million at the end of September 2012. Net reduction in wireline subscriber base was 0.14 million.

Mobile Number Portability requests increased from 69.78 million subscribers at the end of September 2012 to 75.14 million at the end of October 2012. In the month of October 2012 alone, 5.36 million requests have been made for MNP.

The Metro Circle saw the highest reduction and highest rate of decline in the wireless sector from September 2012 to October 2012. In wireline segment, the Circles in Category B have shown the highest reduction in subscriber base while Category C has shown the highest monthly rate of reduction. While metros indicate data for Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata, data for Chennai service area has been included in Circle A, as part of TN.

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E-commerce In India To Reach USD 34.2 Billion By 2015

ecommerceThe e-commerce industry in India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 57 per cent and is likely to reach USD 34.2 billion by 2015. At the same time, by 2015,  the number of mobile users in the country is expected to reach the 1200 million mark. CEO Sundeep Malhotra said,”It is estimated, that around 27 million (in India) are active mobile internet users. Currently 4 per cent are buying products through mobiles and in next four years time, it can go up to 20 per cent.”

Recently, on December 12, an industry wide initiative was carried out to boost online sales. This Great Online Shopping Festival, organised by Google India, saw participation from over 50 leading eCommerce companies in India, which included,, zovi, myntra, makemytrip, Gili. During this 24-hour online event, internet users could log on and get deals from over 50 partners across e-commerce, local and classified, online travel sites and BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) industries. Most of the participants saw a huge surge in terms of traffic, new visitors and sales.

Commenting on this growth in online activity, Sundeep Malhotra, CEO said,”The significant growth in online activity in India reflects that the evolving nature of the market and the Indian consumer. Opportunity in e-commerce are huge because of a large population base, changing consumer lifestyle and lack of infrastructure for bigger brick and mortar stores. With more than hundreds of websites currently operating in the sphere and many more to join the space, it is obvious that e-commerce is going to be a game changer in India.”

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Times Internet Launches Alive App For iOS Devices

times-internetTimes Internet has launched Alive,an augumented reality app for iOS devices. To get the Alive app, users have to SMS ALIVE to 58888 or visit

So how does the Alive app work? Alive uses the camera in your Smartphone/tablet to recognize images that can be scanned and return a response. That response could be anything from a simple web-link, video play, audio play or any other way of engagement!

Users have to open the Alive app, and hold it in camera mode about six inches above the images/news articles containing the Alive logo. Android and iOS phones scan the images automatically while Nokia and Blackberry users need to click options and then capture.

Users can share the videos they’ve viewed. They also have the option to pause, play and replay a video.

The Alive app is available on Android version 2.2 and above, iOS version 5.1 and above, Blackberry version 6.0 and above, Symbian version S60 and above.

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Vuclip Wins Exclusive First Rights On Mobile Platform For After Earth

vuclipIndependent mobile video and media company Vuclip has won the exclusive first rights on mobile platform for the official theatrical trailer of the Will Smith starrer sci-fi thriller AFTER EARTH.

The theatrical trailer may be viewed on any internet-enabled mobile phone by clicking here. Vuclip’s proprietary backend technology transcodes the videos in real-time to deliver an optimized viewing experience on more than 5500 types of mobile phones.

Nikhil Naik, Director, India Business, Vuclip said, “In today’s networked age, marketing for movies is increasingly becoming a multi-screen phenomenon. More than 14 million users of Vuclip in India again got the first opportunity to watch the mobile theatrical trailer of AFTER EARTH exclusively on Vuclip. We are excited to see mobile marketing becoming more and more integral even for Hollywood movies in India.” Vuclip had earlier done a similar mobile promotion with exclusive first rights for James Bond movie SKYFALL.

Set a thousand years in to the future, the movie features real-life father-son duo, Will Smith and Jaden Smith, as Cypher and Kitai Raige who crash land on planet Earth which has been abandoned by mankind. Papa Smith is injured in the crash and estranged Jaden has to travel alone through this world to survive and try and save his father. Isabelle Fuhrman and Zoe Kravitz will also be seen playing key roles in the movie. The movie by Indian-American filmmaker M Night Shyamalan is slated for release mid-next year.

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Want to Start your Own Social Network business like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Pinterest,Foursquare ?

We all know Facebook has revolutionized the whole Social Networking business in the world. In the last few years  a number of Social Networks have cropped up and the top ones like Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare, Xing etc are getting bigger. Every brand wants to build its own social network of brand lovers and followers. There is a huge scope for building social networks for every niche , be it Dating, Sports, Movies & Entertainment, Gaming, Jobs, Health & Spirituality, Business Networking, Speed Dating, Travel etc. You name the niche there will be a niche social network available.
This could be a very lucrative business opportunity for wannabe or existing Internet Entrepreneurs. Every business has now realized they have to have a Social strategy in place to grow their customers and engage them to build a super cool brand.

Ok now that you have decided to start a Social network you must be thinking what software do I use. Well I would come to the point straight away and recommend a tried and tested software (PHP based), which I have  used to build a few social networks and its called Social Engine . This is definitely the world’s best software today. I have known the founders when they started it few years back and now they boast of a great clientele. The product has evolved over the years and its definitely the best. I did try a lot of other social networking  products software  but the UI/UX and customization features of Social Engine is amazing . There are lot of other softwares in the market , but Social Engine is the clear winner.

There are a number of plugin options available to scale up your social network. There are 3rd party developers as well who are continuously building themes and plugins. There is a mobile version of the software available so targeting the mobile user base is very easy.

Some of the big name customers, including MasterCard, Shell,,EA and NASA are using Social Engine to build niche networks . They recently launched a new, software-as-a-service, hosted version of its service, SocialEngine Cloud. The new cloud-based service lets anyone create a community website, including discussion communities and more.

Check out the Social Engine software.



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