WAYN Partners With India Today Group To Create Co-Branded Portal

Travel and lifestyle social media platform WAYN (Where Are You Now) has signed a multi-million dollar strategic partnership with India Today Group (ITG). This partnership will allow both the companies to create one of the largest online reach in India, which currently boasts an estimated 137m users online, the 3rd largest online population in the world.

Through this partnership, WAYN will create a co-branded portal with Travel Plus, the travel arm of ITG and provide innovative advertising solutions to the group’s large clients’ portfolio. The unique partnership will give ITG a direct access to WAYN’s online community of circa 4 million users in India alone and growing by a few thousand users daily. The WAYN community offers a multi-layered, highly social and engaging platform, allowing users to connect with one another and share aspirations, experiences and tips.

The new travel portal will showcase the exclusive and premium stories, pictures and videos of Travel Plus and allow the users to share them on their WAYN network. The portal will also provide all WAYN Indian users with more specific travel content and deals in a market that is seeing explosive growth domestically.

WAYN claims to have 21 million users globally. ITG, one of the most diversified media conglomerates in India, operates 38 magazines, 4 Television channels, 7 Radio Stations, 12 Websites & 56 Apps across mobile and tablets.

Commenting on this partnership, WAYN.com co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Jerome Touze said,” There are numerous factors that suggest growth in India will continue, including rising disposable income levels (Asia Pacific now houses more wealthy people than all of Europe), a younger demographic and increasing use of the internet… we are excited to tap into this market, develop ITG’s online presence in the travel vertical and build a long standing relationship”.

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