Exclusive Interview: Baati Mittal, Founder, AirGol.com

Baati Mittal,  Founder of AirGol.com, is a Founding team member and Director at OnGraph Technologies, a niche web/mobile development outsourcing services company.  She has previously worked in Trilogy Software, building complex optimization algorithms for predicting demand/sales for Fortune 500 companies. She also has a Global experience working in China, US and India. Baati Mittal holds a Masters in CS from BITS Pilani where she graduated top of class.


WD:  So what is AirGol.com all about?

Baati: AirGol.com offers a free iPhone/Android app to allow real time video broadcasting over internet. It integrates with Facebook so that users can capture their moments and let their friends and family see as they happen! It records your videos as well of course so that they can be viewed anytime later. Users do not need to upload anything and it streams your videos directly over Wi-Fi or data connection.

AirGol for businesses offers a simple, secure and scalable cloud based video-as-a-service solution. With no infrastructure need and a pay-per-use offering, businesses can integrate live or recorded vidoes on their websites using a plug-n-play method and increase customer engagement and conversions using the power of interactive videos.

 WD: What problem are you solving?

Baati: As a user, if you want to share your video content today, you capture them separately and then spend large time uploading them on YouTube or Facebook. AirGol app cuts down all this time eliminating the need to do large uploads, as it streams your videos as they are captured. Plus you are able to do this as a LIVE broadcast as a value-added feature.

As a business, you focus on giving a great experience to customers/visitors by putting rich media content like images and videos. Integrating videos on your websites is not a 5-minute job. You need infrastructure and operational planning to capture videos first and then link that content on your website as a separate process. We cut down all this time by making it a 5-min process while empowering business operations to make it a no-hassle process through the use of smartphones. Using a simple HTML script and an iPhone/Android app, businesses can capture videos on the go and integrate them directly on their website.

WD: So tell us more about the Product Features/Pricing.

Baati: Pricing is purely pay-per-use depending on where you wish to use the service. For example, for a retail or a real estate or a hotel booking website, you pay only for the number of unique products/sites/rooms you wish to integrate. For a media/news/blog business, you pay only for the number of minutes you use the streaming service.

WD: Tell us the story of how it started and the challenges you have faced?

Baati: We were basically frustrated with the fact that it took hours to upload a YouTube video OR a video over Facebook. Plus if we captured something interesting on the go, it kept lying on our phone most of the times. We basically wanted something which can allow us to share interesting moments as they happen instantly. Otherwise that impulse is lost.

The challenges that we faced were mainly technical in nature. We had to spend lot of time researching and experimenting with lot of stuff. Live broadcasting of videos over internet using an iPhone or an Android phone was something which you cannot bake over night. It is a hard technical problem with huge unlocked business value. Biggest challenges were to adopt, gather, apply knowledge from multiple areas in order to convert it into a super simple app for consumer.

 WD:  Who are the Founders and their backgrounds?

Baati Mittal – Founding team member and Director at OnGraph Technologies, a niche web/mobile development outsourcing services company. Previously worked in Trilogy Software, building complex optimization algorithms for predicting demand/sales for Fortune 500 companies. Global experience working in China, US and India. Masters in CS from BITS Pilani where she graduated top of class.

Deepak Kiran – A geek and technology enthusiast, previously worked as Technical Lead at OnGraph Technologies. Started a rental accommodations website from his dorm room while in college which could not be continued due to lack of funds. An early adopter of technologies and frameworks and a CS graduate from REC, Kota where he graduated top of class.

 WD:  Why is your site so different when there are already other websites selling similar products?

Baati :We do not have any competition in India or APAC as such with our business offering. We have competitors in USA which are very well funded companies (Color.com, UStream, LiveStream) with a different business focus. Apart from Color, no other company has got a free social app as well which allows users to share live videos using a smartphone.

WD: What technology platform is your site built on? Is it in-house?

Baati: We use LAMP, GAE and Java compbination for our B2C and B2B websites. We use Objective C/Cocoa and C++ used to build iOS apps and custom encoding/protocol implementations for video and audio. We use Android SDK and custom encoding along with protocol implementations for video. We use a combination of open source streaming servers at the backend. The entire stack is hosted on Amazon Cloud.

 WD: What initiatives are you planning in the next 2-3 years?

Baati: Go global and target western markets, both from user’s standpoint and business offering standpoint.

WD:  Which locations is it available?

Baati: Across the world.

WD: What is your Marketing/Promotional approach?

Baati: We are currently relying upon the viral nature of the app, since it integrates with Facebook and let users share interesting videos by themselves. We launched our apps only couple weeks back. We would be offering the business app for free to blogging community as an initial marketing approach apart from the inherent viral nature of the service.

 WD:  Did you raise any funding? If you want to raise funds do you want to be contacted by Investors ?

Baati: We are angel + debt funded. We would looking to raise institutional funding soon and would like to be contacted by Investors.

 WD:  What is the overall plan going forward?

Baati: We are looking to start generating revenues on the service in the next 3-6 months horizon, with real businesses using the service in multiple domains (retail, media, leisure and real estate primarily to start with). During this time, we would be looking to generate traction on our free apps as well for users to use. In the next 1 year, we plan to raise capital and use the funds to expand our footprint globally.

If you have any questions for Baati, please post it on the comments section. You can also connect with Baati on Linkedin.


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