The Average Price Of A Mobile Phone Sold In India Is Rs. 10,764 – iShopper

According to a report by leading comparison shopping website, the average price of a mobile phone sold in India is Rs. 10,764 and the median price is Rs. 7,180. Around 28% of the phones fall in the price range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

The Mobile trends report also shows the split up of phones based on brand and operating system. According to the report Samsung has the highest number of phones in the database (19%) and Android is the most widely used operating system with 31% of the Indian market share. 36% of the 538 mobiles listed on iShopper are dual sim phones. 81% of the phones have the bar form factor. The average processor speed of mobile phones sold is 876 Mhz, the average camera resolution is 4MP and the average screen size is 3 inches.

The report revealed that almost 58% of the phones sold are now touchscreen phones. Windows OS has so far managed to get only a 4% of the handset volume share. The most popular mobile on continues to be the Samsung Galaxy Y, the attractively priced smartphone from Samsung, running the android operating system.

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