Againn, An Online Card-Free Common Loyalty Program Launched

A one of its kind program Againn will spark-up “A war against the asterisk”, which means that it aims at eliminating the asterisks (which say “Conditions Apply”) from the lives of people. Buyers come across oodles of discounts and deals Againn launched itself on 24th Nov by screening its intro-video with the movie screening of “Shuttlecock Boys” in Bangaloreoffered by retailers but often the conditions which come along make the offers futile.

With Againn people will never have to bother about conditions and enjoy huge discounts. To further remove restrictions, buyers even have the freedom to choose where they wish to avail their discounts.

To put it in business terms, it is an online card-free common loyalty program to redefine the way you shop. With the idea of making user experience absolutely hassle-free, Againn adopted a registration process at its simplest-best where the subscriber has to call a toll-free number, the phone number gets registered and call gets disconnected. The founders state that they are committed to provide users with not just a service, but an experience.

In the journey so far, Againn started it’s campaign with the idea of “Inclusive Marketing” which was conceived by its founders. As inclusive marketing they posted every development on their Facebook page and various portals and received feedback from friends and other entrepreneurs on regular basis. This has helped Againn to not only gain popularity but also brand trust among people.

In the first wave of launch, Againn will launch itself for e-Commerce and online shopping and subscribers will be able to revel in unconditional discounts and offers at their favorite websites.



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