Indian Teens Spend 86 Per Cent Of Their Time On Facebook-McAfee

According to a recent survey by McAfee, Indian teens spend around 86 per cent of their time daily on Facebook, followed by 54 per cent on Twitter. The survey ‘Secret Lives of Teens’ further revealed that,  97 per cent of teens have access to social network, while there is a growing digital divide between teens and their parents.

The survey comprising a sample size of 757 teenagers and 750 parents, was carried out in seven cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai. The report said,”Close to half of surveyed teens (45 per cent) are now using their smartphones for Internet access. On an average, they open an account at the age of 13.”

The report also found that there is a growing gap between the parental perception and actual reality regarding the online activities of Indian teens. 65 per cent of the polled teens believe their parents know some of what they do online but not all of it.

According to the report, around 89 per cent of Indian teens believe social network is safe whereas parents are less believing at 71 per cent. The report said,”It’s very challenging for parents to educate their technology savvy children. We hope this study provides Indian parents with some key insights and learning’s on how to protect their children online.”

Around 47 percent of surveyed Indian teens go online and intentionally search for information on answers to a test or an assignment but 46 per cent of parents are aware of this. 38 percent of the surveyed teens have witnessed cruel behavior online, whereas only 16 per cent parents are aware of this. 87 per cent of this behavior has been noticed on Facebook, 31 per cent on Twitter and 23 per cent on email by teens.

According to the report, around 55 percent of the polled teens don’t tell their parents about their online activities. At the same time, 79 per cent of polled parents trust their teens to not access age-inappropriate online content and 70 per cent of polled parents trust that their teens tell them everything they do online.

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