Exclusive Interview with Peter Bolesza of NNG

WirelessDuniya caught up with Peter Bolesza, Vice President, EEU & Emerging Markets at NNG Ltd on NNG and ANS’ future plans and future of Location & Navigaton in India . He heads  NNG’s operations in India.

WD :  Tell us about NNG’s plans in India?  Team size? A bit about the global operations, successful products ? Major customers? Focus area B2b or B2C ?

Peter : NNG decided on opening a local office in India to be able to provide high level pre-sales and after-sales support, therefore meeting the local expectations. We are soon going to be present in all segments (Automotive aftermarket & line fit, PND, tablet, Android mobile, iPhone) on the market, with a special focus on Auto OEM partners. We are going to employ enough people directly to provide the local support for our partners (mainly technical colleagues). The market demand will tell us the number. However a lot of other people will deal with our products indirectly, through our partners (their number is expected to be over 200 shortly).

Generally speaking we are a white label software developer company, parallel to that the biggest content aggregator on the world. Our software is content provider and hardware platform independent, and the same engine is used for all platforms, ensuring maximum flexibility. We cover 106 countries with map data around the world. So far, NNG has shipped more than 20 million licenses and we have signed contracts and orders for another 15-20 million units for the upcoming years in the automotive industry alone.

Regarding our main customers, we work with almost all major global car manufacturers and infotainment brands, in all the countries we are present we have a very strong co-operation with the biggest local partner(s) as well. This means we focus on B2B sales mostly. In India, our strategic partner is ANS who cater the needs of PND, In-dash & Wireless segment.

WD : With players like Map My India already in the market, how do you see NNG  creating value in the Indian market?

Peter :  We have more significant international experience than most of our competitors and a solution that has been tested and used all around the world now which is clearly one of our biggest USPs. In our HQ in Hungary, more than 300 developers are working every day on continuously improving our software. We believe that the best strategy is to deal with only the things one is competent in – and we are probably one of the best in navigation software development. Besides, we provide an outstandingly strong after-sales support, mostly with the use of our online platform, Naviextras. Due to the strong co-operation with the main map/content providers, we integrate the newest contents and features quickly to our software solution and intend to keep up with the always changing local needs and user expectations.

WD : What products do you intend to launch in India?

Peter : We enable our partners to provide complete navigation solutions to the end-users and –again thanks to being content provider independent– basically any type of product can be created this way. As a result, we have solution for all segments of the navigation industry: Portable Navigation Devices (PND), tablets & smartphones (Android, iPhone), in-dash systems, and bike navigation also. Moreover, we offer a large variety of already available and soon to be introduced unique services as well.

WD :  Tell us more about the apps you intend to launch this month and how is it different from your competitors? Platforms you are targeting? Any dates for the launch ?

Peter:  With the soon coming iPhone application, we are targeting another new group of users in India. This app is designed and customized especially for ANS, including the latest available contents and features – we’ve also integrated online traffic and an in-app shop, other extras like India Local Guide and Historical Monuments will also be available. The app will be able to run on iPhone, iPad and iPod. The developments are already finished, we are only waiting for Apple’s approval for the launch now.

WD: Finally,  What  is ANS? What is the association with ANS?  

Peter: ANS’s owners have been present in the automotive industry in India for the last 15-20 years now and  have significant experience and successes as a result. ANS, being the newest member of this group is a new company yet, but has really ambitious plans for the future – both on the short and on the long run. Briefly saying, ANS is NNG’s strategic partner in India, we are targeting together new countries and regions outside India as well in the near future. What connects us with ANS mostly is the fact that we are both driven by the desire of providing a product of the highest quality to the end-users.


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