India’s First Social Shopping Platform For Women Launched

Recently, India’s first social shopping platform for women was launched. This unique platform provides users with international and national mega brands in their flagship form. The unique shopping experience allows users to shop-by-city, shop-by-brand, or shop-by-flagship store, where they can browse and connect with shops, brands and retailers of their choice. The eye-candy magazine format lets users effortlessly flip the pages. The proprietary scrapbook not only enables users to organize, share and shop all the beautiful things they find on, it also lets them flip through and get inspired by what others have discovered.

Commenting on the launch, Suchi Mukherjee Founder & CEO of said, “We are on a journey to build the most extensive and engaging lifestyle platform ever. Our sole objective is to make the shopping experience on LimeRoad so delightful, that we become the online destination for women to find gorgeous yet affordable products. We have gone out and built strong partnerships with a really rich selection of brands. With categories like apparel, accessories, home and food, is designed to be a woman’s “me time” online. We’re launching with many brands, nearly half of which are exclusively available with us.”

Finding and buying a formal shirt from the flagship and latest collection of Elle, strolling the markets of Lucknow and picking up an authentic chikanari top or a piece of pearl jewellery from Hyderabad, is now possible all in one cart at the click of a button. will change the way that Indian women shop hereon.

Matrix Partners India and Lightspeed Venture Partners have co–led a $5 million round of funding in A.M. Marketplaces Pvt Ltd, the parent company of social commerce platform


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