EasyTradeStore.com, An e-commerce Initiative Focused On Car Accessories Segment Launched

New Delhi based Nipun Audio Labs has launched EasyTradeStore.com, an e-commerce initiative focused on Car Accessories Segment to make more and more new car accessories available for all cars on Indian roads. With a plan to move into 200 cities by the end of this financial year, EasyTradeStore.com aims to be the ultimate destination for car accessories buyers from all over the country.

EasyTradeStore.com Managing Director Navneet Kumar said,“Our philosophy is simple: We’ll use our passion for and knowledge of car accessories to help our customers (Car Owners) find their dream car accessories. We live and breathe car accessories. Now we’re asking India to let our obsession translate to Car Owners  finding their desired car accessories.” Navneet Kumar has over 31 years of experience in trading of car accessories in New Delhi.

EasyTradeStore.com lists hundreds of car accessories of various styles and price points in India – from a Rs 99 Car Air Freshener to a Rs 4,10,000  Car Amplifier are available on few clicks to buy easily. Those who cannot find good accessories for their used cars in the aftermarket will find this online store very useful and accurate to meet their requirement.

“India Car Accessories Market is very promising and challenging both. With new car models introduced every year, an ever rising inventory load has limited the scope of conventional retailing. Conventional retailers generally do not stock even 10% of the inventory available at EasyTradeStore.com.  Finally they would arrange it from dubious sources that provide fake, unmatched or duplicates products which results in poor performance of the vehicle. At EasyTradeStore.com, we have all genuine products only which are sourced from either manufacturers or reliable sources,” stated Navneet Kumar.

He further added, “We thrive on giving a world class experience to the customers where they find it quick, easy, accurate and economical to shop at EasyTradeStore.com. The environment has been specially crafted with cutting edge technology from our technical partners : Nipun E com Systems .The secure payment gateway has been procured from India’s most prestigious and trusted bank: ICICI Bank Limited. Most of team members are fully experienced and know car accessories well. We are excited to bring our range of products and exclusive services to the people across India who can start shopping easily from October 21, 2012 . We have developed a unique business model that allies with the conventional traders instead of making them a competition. We have called it Easy Shopping and plan to gradually expand it to categories other than car accessories also.”

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