Nokia Sells mapping Services to Oracle

In a bid to expand its location services business, Nokia Oyj has agreed to give OracleBSE 0.38 % Corp’s customers access to its mapping products. Though the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, Nokia said Oracle users would licence Location Platform from Nokia for use in Oracle applications.

Sales at Nokia’s location business grew last quarter, though it still generates only 4 percent of group revenue. Oracle has developed a link between its own software and the Nokia Location Platform software, Nokia said on Monday. This enables Oracle’s business users to access the mapping services through its products.

CCS Insight analyst Martin Garner said,”Nokia has been on a mission for the last 18 months to sign mapping and location deals with large internet players. The deal with Oracle extends this.”

Oracle is the world’s third-biggest software firm but also sells hardware to corporate clients and in 2009 bought Sun Microsystems, the manufacturer of server computers and developer of Java and Solaris software.

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