AOL launches Social video guessing game Clucks

AOL Inc has entered into the mobile gaming market with the launch of a Social video guessing game Clucks. The game, now available only on Apple’s iPhone, uses voice recognition technology to keep players from cheating.  The Android version of the app will be released by the end of the year.

Clucks players use smartphones to record a 12-second video of themselves describing a word, for instance “tree.” Their opponent then receives the video and must guess the word. To ensure that none of the banned words are used by players, the Clucks app incorporates voice recognition technology.

Sol Lipman, vice president of AOL’s Mobile First unit said,”You’re trying to send clues without using the word ‘tree’, or associated words like ‘wood’ or ‘leaves’ or branches. If you use one of those words accidentally or intentionally, it will catch you cheating and take points away.”

When the opponent receives the video, their reaction is also recorded, and the side-by-side video of the round can be shared to social network Facebook or video sharing app Viddy. As in popular mobile games such as Words With Friends and Draw Something, Clucks participants do not need to play at the same time and can take turns at their convenience.

Currently the only way to sign in to the app is through Facebook but Lipman said the company plans to change that. The game, which draws comparisons to the board game Taboo, is the first release on AOL’s new social video platform. AOL’s Mobile First unit released a personalized magazine app, Editions, last year.

AOL plans to monetize the game through its sponsors. Rather than ads, they aim to incorporate promotional content within the app, such as the ability to play a pre-recorded round of Clucks with an actor or film director providing the clues.

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