The Internet Society signs MoU with FICCI

The Internet Society has signed a MoU with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to cooperate on a range of internet focused projects.

The India Internet Governance Conference (IIGC), to be held on 4-5 October 2012 in Delhi, India, will be the first collaborative project of the Internet Society and FICCI. The agenda will cover a wide range of Internet issues, including the multi-stakeholder model for Internet governance, International Telecommunication Regulations and Internet governance, national priorities for broadband access, cyber security and privacy, Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6), and the Internet’s role in social and economic development.

“The Internet Society is a strong advocate of a free and open Internet. We look forward to collaborating with FICCI to develop and offer programs that reflect our mutual interests, especially in the critical areas of Internet policy and standards. The Asia-Pacific regional bureau works closely with our Chapters, members, partners and stakeholders, and a wide range of regional organisations to drive initiatives focused on the continuation of an open Internet that promotes innovation, business opportunity, and development in the region”, said Rajnesh Singh, Internet Society Regional Bureau Director for Asia-Pacific.

Rajiv Kumar, Secretary General, FICCI, said,”FICCI jointly with the Internet Society looks forward to taking a leading role in making the Internet a better place for all. With this landmark collaboration, we hope to work towards finding answers to a wide range of policy issues relating to Internet governance. We expect that the outcomes from the governance conference will help inform policy dialogue within India as well as shape the global agenda on Internet governance discourse.”

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