Innovative Startup: – Providing the Value Beyond Deals and Prices in Online Shopping

Smursh Media, a Mumbai based digital media solutions provider, has launched its online shopping vertical Klip . Klip is a social shopping website that helps online shoppers make a better buying decision by connecting a community of shoppers with similar interests and taste.

The current E-commerce space in India is driven by discounts and deals. There isn’t one destination that can offer the entire shopping experience – from product discovery, to research, to buying and finally to self expression. This is a very invisible gap that exists in the current online shopping cycle, that Klip with its community based approach aims to fill.

Maneesh Madambath, Co-Founder and Partner at Smursh Media says, “What we see is that over the past 5-6 years the web has gone social and it has become more visual. For some reason, online retail hasn’t quite reflected this change.  With Klip every user has a personalized and unique experience on the site which is enabled by making the experience social. ”

Klip is built on the notion that shopping is more than just buying, it helps users:

  1. Find new products
  2. Get conclusive and valid opinions on the products from other users
  3. And in the whole process get a more personalized shopping experience

On Klip, users can connect with users with similar tastes and interests based on their Klips. Klipping is an activity unique to the website where users can create a visual board of all the products they like. Users can also join user groups of products and brands to ask product related questions to each other and take an informed buying decision.

Speaking on the launch of Klip, Harsh Gadia, Co-Founder and Partner, Smursh Media says, “There is a strong case for a site like Klip. If I have to buy something new right now, say a phone or a book, the whole process is quite long and often inconclusive – right from asking my friends, reading various reviews, asking around users who might own what I’m looking for and then hunting for the best prices. With Klip we want to simplify this process, help people make a smarter buying decision, not just buy.”

For Smursh, Klip is a logical extension to their business interests. Having built its business across 3 verticals, Smursh has been a significant player in the Indian digital landscape helping brands leverage online communities to meet their business goals. Klip is its first foray into the web product space after four years of breaking new ground in web services and content solutions. And it is only apt that it is a community of online shoppers, this time helping each other meet their wishes.


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