Amazon launches Kindle Fire HD Family

On Thursday, Amazon launched its new range of tablets, the Kindle Fire HD Family. The new range of tablets is expected to give a tough competition to Apple’s slightly larger iPad, the bestselling tablet on the market.

The 7” (17.8cm) tablet with 16 gigabytes of storage,is priced at $199. It has a stunning custom HD display, the fastest Wi-Fi, exclusive Dolby audio, powerful processor and graphics engine, all backed by the world’s best content ecosystem, the best cross-platform interoperability, and the best customer service.

The 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD priced at $299, has a large-screen 1920×1200 HD display with 254 ppi and a powerful OMAP4 4470 processor and graphics engine.

At $499, users will now get the same high-end large-screen HD tablet, 32 GB of storage, plus ultra-fast 4G LTE wireless powered by the latest generation 4G chipset, and Amazon’s groundbreaking $49.99 one year 4G LTE data package-customers save hundreds of dollars in the first year compared to other 4G tablets

The entire Kindle fire HD Family boasts of:

  • Ultra-fast 4G LTE wireless, powered by the latest generation 4G chipset, support for all 10 4G bands, and Amazon’s breakthrough 4G LTE data package-    customers save hundreds of dollars in the first year compared to other 4G tablets.
  • Stunning custom HD display with in-plane switching, Advanced True Wide polarizing filter and custom laminated touch sensor for 25% less glare with     rich color and deep contrast from any viewing angle.
  • Fastest Wi-Fi of any tablet-dual antenna, dual-band, and MIMO-40% faster downloads and streaming compared to the next fastest tablet.
  •  High-performance processor and graphics engine for snappy and smooth performance.
  • Dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio-the standard in high-end audio-available for the first time on a tablet.
  • Kindle Fire HD starts with 16 GB of local storage, enough to accommodate the larger file sizes of HD content.
  • Exceptional battery life-7″ Kindle Fire HD gets 11 hours of battery life.
  • Front-facing HD camera with custom Skype application for video calling from anywhere in the world.
  • New Amazon-exclusive features like X-Ray for Movies, X-Ray for Textbooks, Immersion Reading, Whispersync for Voice, Whispersync for Games, and Kindle FreeTime.
  • World’s best content ecosystem-over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games, books, audiobooks and magazines.
  • Best cross-platform interoperability, with Amazon apps available on the largest number of devices and platforms so customers can access content anytime, anywhere.


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