India added 20 million new mobile subscribers during Q2, 2012

A recent report by telecommunication equipment vendor Ericsson states that, India and China accounted for around 40 per cent of the estimated 140 million net additions in mobile subscriptions across the world during the April-June quarter this year. During Q2, 2012, the Global mobile subscriptions reached 6.3 billion. However, the actual number of subscribers is around 4.3 billion, since many have several subscriptions.

India added around 20 million new mobile subscriptions during April-June quarter, while China added 40 million subscribers during the same quarter. As on August 2012, India’s mobile penetration reached to 75% , which is quite low compare to the global mobile penetration of 89%.

The report said that Mobile subscriptions have grown around 11 percent year-on-year and 2 percent quarter-on-quarter. Mobile broadband subscriptions have grown around 60 percent year-on-year and have reached above 1.2 billion.

It added that, there is continued strong momentum for smartphone uptake in all regions. Approximately 40 percent of all mobile phones sold in Q2 were smartphones, compared to around 30 percent for the full year 2011. The report said as only around 15 per cent of the worldwide installed base of subscriptions are for smartphones, there is considerable room for further uptake.

The report shows that, mobile data traffic doubled between Q2 2011 and Q2 2012. Mobile Voice traffic also continues to grow at a steady rate, mainly driven by new subscriptions in Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

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